Are Your Tax Dollars in Jeopardy?

June 8, 2022

Did you know that the anything-goes abortion amendment would repeal laws preventing taxpayer funding for abortions?

We are already in week three of four of our “Did you know?” campaign. Just a reminder, this campaign is taking place on our Facebook, Twitter, blog, and here. Each week we have been releasing a new set of laws that the RFFA anything-goes abortion amendment will impact if enough signatures are collected, and Michiganders vote for it on the November ballot.

This week, we are focusing on laws that prevent taxpayer funding for abortions. These laws include the Medicaid Abortion Funding Ban, the Abortion Insurance Opt-out Act, and the Separating Abortion and Family Planning Funding law.

The first law is the Medicaid Abortion Funding Ban. This ban received overwhelming support through a ballot proposal and was ultimately voted for on the November 1988 ballot. Polling continues to show that voters, whether pro-abortion or prolife, do not want to be forced to pay for other people’s abortions.

Since the Medicaid Funding Ban was passed, abortions have decreased by about 250,000. These 250,000 people are now 55 years old or younger and are valuable family members, friends, and citizens of Michigan.

The anything-goes RFFA abortion amendment claims that its foundation is built on freedom. Freedom for all, to be specific. But freedom does not force people to violate their conscience. Currently, the ban prohibits public dollars from going towards abortions for people on welfare. However, if the RFFA amendment is passed, there is a possibility that all abortions could be funded through taxes, not just welfare recipients.

The second law that the RFFA amendment will repeal is the Abortion Insurance Opt-Out Act. This act was passed in 2013 as defensive measures to protect people from Obamacare’s expansion of abortion funding. Under this act, people who want abortions covered by health insurance can choose an optional rider on their policy. Only the people paying for the option rider are paying for the abortion.

Back in 2013, the opposition to this act was spreading false claims that the Opt-Out Act would affect women’s insurance coverage for miscarriage treatment. This is completely false and just another way for the abortion industry to scare women so the act wouldn’t be supported.

The third law and final law that we are covering this week is the Separating Abortion and Family Planning Funding H.B. 4655. This bill was signed into law on May 23, 2002, by Governor Engler.

This Michigan law prioritizes funding for organizations that provide family services and don’t promote or perform abortions. Before this law was passed, state dollars were going to Planned Parenthood which claims to provide family services, and in turn, county health departments were getting the short end of the stick by getting fewer funds. The act does not cut any funding for family services, it simply redisperses the money so that it goes to organizations that actually deserve the funds and use the money to help families in need. If the RFFA amendment is passed, Planned Parenthood, the organizer behind the amendment, will benefit substantially.

Not only do the radical pro-aborts in Michigan want unlimited and unrestricted abortion anywhere, anytime, and anyway, they want you to pay for it so they can get “free” abortions.

This wraps up week three of our “Did you know?” campaign. Please don’t stop talking about this. Share our Facebook and Twitter posts to let your friends and family know. Next week we will be discussing laws that protect children.