Prosecutors Say Proposal 3 Erodes Parental Rights, Makes It Harder to Prosecute Sexual Predators

November 3, 2022

“A major erosion of parental consent rights and disturbing roadblocks when it comes to prosecuting statutory rape.”

Eleven elected county Prosecutors today said that they expect Proposal 3 to eliminate parental consent for abortion and gender change therapies and make it far harder to prosecute child sexual predators.

“Of extreme concern, some are saying that Proposal 3 would not erode parental consent. We find such claims to be simply wrong,” they said.

“Expect a minor child to be able to have an abortion without the knowledge or consent of the child’s parents. Because of the all-encompassing exceptions, we, as Chief Law Enforcement Officials who daily apply law and statute, submit that the Proposal arguably guarantees the right of a child to procure an abortion at any time right up to the moment of birth. It is our analysis that those saying otherwise are wrong.”

“The proposed amendment arguably invalidates age of consent laws (relating to ‘reproductive freedom’) currently protecting minors. Disturbingly, no age limitation exists in Prop 3. The proposed amendment will, therefore, prevent prosecutors from enforcing criminal statutes against statutory rape, child sexual abuse (MCL 750.520), female genital mutilation (MCL 750.136), and other similar statutes if the child ‘consents.’ In other words, sex between a 12-year-old girl and a 45-year-old man will now be protected as a new right, so long as the child ‘consents.’ As written, the new ‘super right’ makes it virtually impossible to enforce or enact a statute prohibiting certain sexual activity, including pedophilia as long as the child ‘consents.’”

This warning to voters was signed by Chris Becker, Kent County Prosecutor, Neal Brady, Hillsdale County Prosecutor, Victor Fitz, Cass County Prosecutor, Joe Hubbell, Leelanau County Prosecutor, Jerry Jarzynka, Jackson County Prosecutor, Andrea Krause, Montcalm County Prosecutor, Dave Marvin, St. Joseph County Prosecutor, John Miller, Lapeer County Prosecutor, Lisa Richards, Dickinson County Prosecutor, Jim Rossiter, Antrim County Prosecutor, and Tim Rutkowski, Huron County Prosecutor.

“Proposal 3 hides a radical agenda behind confusing language drafted by special interest groups on a mission to drive a wedge between parents and their children. Voters would be well-advised to heed the warning of these 11 elected county Prosecutors, who have committed their careers to protecting children from harm,” said Christen Pollo, spokesperson for Citizens Supporting MI Women and Children, the organization leading the campaign against Proposal 3.