Protecting Your Children

June 15, 2022

Did you know that the anything-goes abortion amendment would repeal the Parental Consent for Abortion Law and laws prohibiting school personnel from aiding children with abortions?

This is week four—the last week—of our “Did you know?” campaign that has been taking place on our Facebook, Twitter, blog, and here. Each week we have been releasing a new set of laws that the RFFA anything-goes abortion amendment will impact if enough signatures are collected and Michiganders vote for it on the November ballot. Information on each of the laws that we discussed within the last month can be found on our blog.

This week, we are focusing on laws that protect children. These laws include the Parental Consent for Abortion Law and the Public School Abortion Policy.

The first law is the Parental Consent for Abortion Law. This law was put into place through a citizen initiative petition drive with MI Legislature approval. The law went into effect on March 28, 1991.

Parental consent means that abortions cannot be performed on minors without the consent of at least one parent or legal guardian. Since this was passed, abortions on minor children have dropped from 3,820 to 683. This law allows parents to be involved in their child’s care regarding sex and pregnancy. It is important that parents be made aware of these situations—especially when the child has been sexually assaulted and becomes pregnant.

The second law that the RFFA amendment will repeal is the Public School Abortion Policy. This act was passed in 1977 and prohibits school employees from teaching abortion as a “family planning” method or distributing any family planning device or drug. Under this policy, schools are penalized 5% of the school district’s state aid if a school employee is found referring students for abortions or handing out family planning devices/drugs.

This policy protects children that are experiencing pregnancy from pro-abortion school employees who could take advantage of that situation for their own ideological crusade. Pregnant children need love and compassion as they are in a vulnerable state and this policy makes sure that school employees include parents in the care of their children. School employees have to obtain consent from parents for many reasons. Teachers cannot hand out Tylenol unless parents give permission and have provided it. In fact, teachers must get consent from parents when showing a video about 9/11. There is a long list of circumstances that warrant school employees to check with parents first, so why are the RFFA coalition members fighting for school employees to help their students secretly kill their unborn children? If school employees have to keep something from parents, then they probably shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.

Not only do the radical pro-aborts in Michigan want unlimited and unrestricted abortion anywhere, anytime, and anyway, they want parents to be cut out of the conversations and kids to be whisked away to have their “problems” taken care of without any support.

This wraps up our “Did you know?” campaign. Please don’t stop talking about this. Share our Facebook and Twitter posts to let your friends and family know. We will continue to educate the public on the anything-goes abortion amendment so stay tuned for more campaigns in the coming weeks.