Michigan Physicians Opposed to Proposal 3 Begin Selfie Education Campaign Urging Its Defeat; Campaign is dubbed “Physician Facts 4U: Dangers of Prop. 3”

October 25, 2022

Ob/Gyn Physicians Buck Health Care Industry Leadership To Reach Citizens With The Hidden Dangers Lurking In Proposal 3

Lansing, MI – Doctors across the state of Michigan are organizing against Proposal 3 by taking to social media. The education campaign, dubbed “Physician Facts 4U: Dangers of Prop. 3,” allows these OB/GYN doctors to make their voices heard while still attending to the demands of their profession. The organic effort was prompted by the growing sentiment among many physicians that the true impact of Proposal 3 was being covered up.

“It is critically important that Michigan voters truly understand Proposal 3’s unprecedented assault on parental rights with regard to the mental and physical health of and care for minor children,” said Ian Jackson, MD, board-certified Family Medicine physician practicing for seven years in southwest Michigan. “In the doctor’s office, when we care for minors and seek to make decisions about health care that best serve the child, the parent’s voice is the most significant, offering comfort and mature guidance. There is no question that Proposal 3’s removal of parental consent from life-altering decisions such as sex-change or abortion would be detrimental, in fact devastating, to the child and the doctor-patient relationship.” See the selfie video here.

Independent legal experts and doctors have charged that the language of Proposal 3 is intended to and would, in fact, remove parental rights from their minor child’s healthcare decisions in some of the most dramatic areas, including removing parental consent for gender-reassignment therapy and abortion. Beyond that, the proposed amendment’s impact on the healthcare profession overall is causing concern among many physicians.   

“This extreme measure also does the unthinkable by willfully removing regulations that ensure basic health and safety standards are met at abortion clinics,” said Michelle Monticello, MD, board-certified OB/GYN serving more than 25 years in practice. “Regardless of one’s position on abortion, the idea that meeting basic standards for cleanliness, among other things, is somehow an extraordinary measure is a threat to patient safety and clinic care standards in every medical specialization. Women should be very concerned.”  See the selfie video here.

“The unfortunate reality is that abortion is not prohibited in Michigan right now, despite what proponents of Proposal 3 suggest. You can go to any abortion clinic and schedule and have an abortion,” said Donna Harrison, MD, board-certified OB/GYN who practiced in Berrien County, Michigan, for ten years. “It begs the question, ‘what this proposal is really about?’ Coupled with the removal of parental consent for minors and the removal of basic health and safety standards for abortion clinics, reopening the doors to late-term abortion is very concerning. Don’t let anyone tell you Proposal 3 wouldn’t allow this and more.”

As the physicians post and share their selfie videos, Citizens to Support MI Women & Children will post the videos on its website here. Dr. Jackson and Dr. Monticello were the first to post selfie videos, which appear above following their quotes.